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The Lies of Pulling an All-Nighter

pulling an all-nighter

It’s no myth that design school is extremely time intensive.  I know first hand (and it’s likely you do too if you’re reading this).  While I was in college it wasn’t uncommon to hear of someone pulling an all-nighter (or two, or three in a row [is that even possible?]).  And it kind of seemed like after […]

What is a portfolio and how to you can get an awesome one

what is a portfolio

What is a portfolio? There are two major types of portfolios: financial & work. A financial portfolio refers to a collection of financial assets or investments.  Any combination of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, hedge funds, cash etc. is considered a financial portfolio. I won’t delve too deeply into this type simply because I’m not a financial expert.  However, I will say […]