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If you’re preparing for the Architecture Registration Exam 5.0 Construction & Evaluation (ARE CE) this is your one stop shop.  While studying for the exams, a huge hassle was finding all the right resources.  This is a place you can come to find a list of resources for the exam.  If you have any additional resources, leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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ARE CE Books & Literature

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To help guide you I’ve located [$] below for any links that lead to paid resources.
[$] means less than $50
[$$]  means between $50 and $100
[$$$] means over $100

General Exam Resources

NCARB Recommended References for the ARE CE

NCARB ARE Handbook [Free] – An overview of what is tested on each of the ARE 5.0 divisions.
The American Institute of Architects Official Guide to the 2007 AIA Contract Documents [$$$] – “Using this book I actually found the entire topic [of contracts] engaging and I now have another level of depth concerning the profession of architecture. I read this book cover to cover and I am now enlightened in way I was previously not. Much to my surprise the content is interesting, well organized and clear. I will use this book as a professional resource for the rest of my career.” [Also Recommend for: PcM, PjM]
CSI MasterFormat [$$] – “MasterFormat 2004 Edition is expanded to include all aspects of a construction project – from the owner’s concept – to design – to facility management – and even demolition”
Dictionary of Architecture and Construction [$$] – Sometimes the most difficult part about architecture is learning the lingo.  This dictionary is an awesome guide to everything lingo-related. [Also Recommend for: PPD, PDD]
The Project Resource Manual: CSI Manual of Practice [$$$] – A comprehensive resource for the “organization, preparation, use and interpretation of construction documents encompassing the entire life cycle of a facility”.  It may be better to snag The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide [$$] which was put out 6 years after the CSI Manual of Practice.  According to Kris (who left a comment below), this resource is more up-to-date, easier to understand, and less expensive.  We’ll keep both since NCARB specifically references the older document.

Video Playlist on ARE CE

Online Resources & Downloads for the ARE Construction & Evaluation Exam


Ask questions on NCARB’s ARE 5.0 page.

Have any additional resources for the ARE CE?  Leave them in the comments below!


  1. DesignerHacks September 19, 2016 at 6:54 am #

    Thanks for the heads up Kris. We’ll add this to the list!

  2. Kristopher September 18, 2016 at 10:51 pm #

    FYI …. The Project Resource Manual (or PRM) is outdated. CSI came out with a new book a few years ago – the Project Delivery and Practice Guide – that is far easier to read and understand. Same material, just written differently. Plus, it’s cheaper. See the link below.

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