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How to Setup Photo Matching in Sketchup

Photo Matching in Sketchup

If you’re looking to model based on a photograph you should strongly consider using photo matching in sketchup. This is one of sketchup’s features that sets it apart from other software. From knowing just one measurement you can create an entire model.  It may not be 100% accurate, but you can get a very close clone of […]

How to Install Sketchup Plugins & Extensions and Increase Your Productivity

How to Install Sketchup Plugins and Extensions

Learning how to install Sketchup plugins and extensions can immensely increase your productivity, but it isn’t so intuitive.  It’s important that you learn the difference between tools, plugins, and extensions so moving forward you’re not confused about what’s what.  After that’s clear, I’ll take you through step by step on how to install extensions the automatic […]

What’s New in Sketchup 2014

Sketchup 2014

If you’ve been buried in your work, it’s possible that you missed the release of Sketchup 2014 on February 28, 2014.  With the rollout comes some pretty awesome new features so we’re here to break it down and feed you the tasty stuff. If you’d like to simply go and download the latest version checkout […]