All In ARE 5.0


A grouped package of the all of the exams to take under ARE v5.0. PcM, PjM, PA, PPD, PDD, & CE.  Your purchase gives you unlimited access to online practice exams for the six exams listed above.

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With the All In ARE 5.0 bundle you gain unlimited access to the ARE 5.0 Practice Management (PcM), Project Management (PjM), Programming & Analysis (PA), Project Planning & Design (PPD), Project Development & Documentation (PDD), and Construction & Evaluation (CE) online exam bundles.

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Each of the exam bundles includes:

  • Unlimited access to the practice exams.  There’s no expiration and you can take them as many times as you want
  • Study based on the time you have available.  There are 3 practice formats for each of 6 bundles (10 Question, 25 Question, and a Timed Mock Exam)
  • 3 exams worth of questions.  Each of the 6 practice exams randomly pulls from a specific library of over 3 exams worth of questions
  • It’s always different.  Since questions are pulled randomly from a library of questions, the practice exams are always different
  • Alignment with NCARB content categories. We’ve sorted all of our questions into the content areas NCARB has given the exams. At the end of each of your practice exams you’ll be able to see your percentage for each of those categories. This will help you assess what content areas you’re best at and which ones could use a little work
  • Access to the leaderboard. Friendly competition can drive us to do amazing things and can be a great motivator.  When you create an account at checkout, you’ll be able to start logging points to try and make it to the leaderboards
  • Achievements.  We implemented an achievement and point system to reward you as you study for each exam.  Your purchase gives you access to premium-only achievements
  • Mobile-friendly. We know you’re busy.  It can be hard to set aside time to study.  That’s why the exams are mobile-friendly so you can take them with you wherever you go
  • Satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with your purchase we’ll refund your money. For this package, each exam is treated as a separate purchase at one-sixth of the buying price.   Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions.

If you’re pursuing architecture licensure and sticking with ARE 5.0, this purchase makes the most sense to take advantage of the “buy 5, get 1 free” deal.

See what people are saying about the practice exams