How to Create a Sphere, Dome, or Curved Shape in Sketchup

how to create spheres in sketchup

Once you have the basics of sketchup down, chances are you’re going to want to learn how to create spheres.  Creating curved shapes is a bit different from how you would create boxes and rectangular prisms, but it’s by no means difficult or impossible.  Let’s jump in.

How to Create a Dome in Sketchup

First things first, we want to create a dome.

  • Create a circle with the radius of the dome you wish to create
  • Create another circle that is perpendicular to the circle you just created. If you don’t want to have a perfectly round dome, I recommend making a round dome and then stretching it to the height you want.  You can use ratios and proportions to figure out the exact scale you need to get your height.
  • Split one of your circles into quarters and delete all but one quarter.


  • Offset your quarter
  • Select the follow me tool (Tools > Follow Me)


sketchup dome

How to Create a Sphere in Sketchup

Once you’ve created a dome, creating a sphere isn’t too hard!

  • Group your dome and make a copy of it
  • Flip your copy along the blue axis (Right-Click > Flip Along > Blue Axis)
  • Line the edges of your dome up

how to create a sphere in sketchup

If you want to smooth the edges of your dome, explode both of your domes, right click, and select soften/smooth edges.

How to Create other Curved Shapes

Now that you’ve unlocked the power of the follow me tool, you can create custom shapes by extruding 2d faces along curved lines!  If you have a complex shape, try breaking it down into bite size pieces and then joining those pieces by exploding and smoothing edges.

Curved shape in sketchup


What kind of crazy curved shapes are you making in sketchup?  Let the design nation see!  Post images!  Feel free to use imgur to upload them and get a link.



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